ChristopherVelona is the CEO for both CSG Consulting and Project Sebastian, a local non profit, raising money and awareness for fatal incurable childhood illnesses in Rare Disease.

In 2011, Christopher’s oldest son, Sebastian, was diagnosed with Batten Disease. Since that time, Christopher has spent 10 years creating a presence in the Cannabidiol world in an effort to reduce symptoms Sebastian was experiencing.  As a dedicated father that has relentlessly researched and partnered up with some of the most cutting-edge doctors and researchers in the medical field, Christopher has focused his passion on finding a cure for Batten disease. “The key was that I needed to keep discussing all of my fears with different professionals in order to bring positive thought processes to my situation. Group counseling is very effective in this regard, in all areas.” Due to this painful experience, Christopher created CSG Consulting to help families navigate through bureaucratic and complicated systems.  Christopher has emerged as an expert in assisting families who experience childhood illnesses in addition to the utilization of Cannabidiol products to address symptoms related to childhood illnesses and everyday life use.  Educating, researching, and consulting with families is a priority that will remain his life’s work.

With over 25 years of sobriety, Christopher has demonstrated a willingness and expertise to not only stay sober but to help others achieve sobriety. He has spent the past 2 decades mastering the psychology of addiction and has researched the best and most advanced techniques to achieve recovery.  Christopher has merged his personal and professional experiences which results in a consultant that has a vast amount of knowledge and he uses this knowledge to help others in an expedited manner.  With childhood illnesses, addiction/recovery, Christopher has blended research and education in its most effective and efficient manner.  Through his consultant work, he has helped countless families worldwide cope with childhood illness diagnoses and with obtaining recovery.

Prior to Christopher’s work as a consultant, he began his career researching and fundraising to end pancreatic cancer.  This experience helped him gain knowledge of the process for treating and eradicating fatal illnesses.  After this, Christopher was an account executive in sales with a wine distributor.  It was through this work that Christopher learned the art of interpersonal skills and how meaningful connections help people to heal, to grow, and to thrive.  He also founded and was Vice President of a CBD company in addition to being an account manager.  Christopher mastered the knowledge of the usage of CBD due to these experiences. Christopher also served as president of operations for a family foundation, with his focus on long-term investments, real estate, and start-up companies. His past careers have paved the way for his current and future professional endeavors, resulting in a very skilled and experienced consultant that understands his client’s needs.

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