Lauren Kopsick
Lauren Kopsick

Lauren Kopsick has an eclectic background that includes a VP in banking, corporate marketing training and development, caregiver, small business consulting, call center management, volunteering, and board membership. She also co-founded the Richmond, VA, mixed pediatric/adult support group for The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. In 2015, as the mom to a kiddo with two rare diseases and one neurodivergent, Lauren realized nothing existed to teach her children or any other human how to navigate such a complicated health system. But she did. She had been navigating the education system since 2000 and added healthcare in 2006. Lauren spent the next seven years researching. “I knew enough to realize that any chance of accreditation needed to come from the importance of pieces it contained. So, our program, The Healthcare Navigation Project (THNP) was intentionally written using pieces of The World Health Organization Global Mental Health guidance and CDC Healthy People 2030 definition of Health Literacy. My personal dream or in business words, vision? Our program becomes the standard and part of the STARS metric as the sixth point and coded as Public Healthcare Education”. The Healthcare Navigation Project is the first universal, immersive, interactive, and global public healthcare education program 2022 501c3. We focus 100% on health literacy and life skills at the grass roots level with a mission to give everyone the ability to understand how to actually use their healthcare and make well informed decisions for themselves and others. We offer five modules:

  • Basic Healthcare Navigation
  • Your Mental Health Toolbox
  • Let’s Talk Pharmacy Specialty Healthcare
  • Hospital Care
  • The Future of Healthcare
Our program is customized to the audience and available for families, caregivers, schools, nonprofits, civic groups, corporations as employee health and wellness training or as an outsource to physicians and hospitals.
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