Nicola Miller is co-founder, executive creative director, and editor-in-chief at RARE Revolution Magazine, a not-for-profit publication dedicated to giving those affected by rare disease and global stakeholders in the field a platform to elevate their voice. Nicola is also a Trustee of Teddington Trust, a charity which she co-founded in 2012 after her own some was diagnosed with the ultra-rare condition xeroderma pigmentosum, a DNA repair disorder characterised by extreme sensitivity to ultra-violet light and neurological impairment.

 Nicola is also the author of the BMA award-winning children’s book series, Little Ted, which aims to explain the complexities of living with XP to young children and their peers. Nicola is passionate about the voice of young people in their own health stories, and through her work at RARE Revolution, she drives forward the youth voice through the RARE Youth Revolution initiative—a platform for young people—by young people. This programme gives children and young adults a platform to share their stories in the voice that matters—theirs.

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