BUILD For the 1 in every 10 people affected by a rare disease, there is a community of their friends and family who are also impacted. At The Dash Alliance, we build collaborative relationships with rare disease stakeholders to identify needs and develop impactful solutions. CONNECT We make it possible for stakeholders across the globe to connect in pursuit of common goals. From our inclusive virtual events to our rare disease hackathons, we connect the global rare disease community. GROW As we work to continue building disease-specific community resources, we will strive to grow the quality of the communities and resources we offer. Our dedication to our patient and caregiver communities is always at the forefront of our mission. BESPOKE SOLUTIONS From focus groups and surveys to social listening and data analysis, our team works to help your team build a culture that truly puts patients first. We also assist with registry creation and hosting, patient engagement programs, medical device testing, focus groups, market research, product launches, event hosting and creation, culture change models, and other special projects.