Lauren Kopsick

Lauren Kopsick has an eclectic background that includes a VP in banking, corporate marketing training and development, caregiver, small business consulting, call center management, volunteering, and board membership. She also co-founded the Richmond, VA, mixed pediatric/adult support group for The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. In 2015, as the mom to a kiddo with two rare

Cristina Skrypnyk, MD, PhD

M.D., PhD in Medical Genetics, European Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics certification; more than 40 postgraduate international training in cytogenetics, molecular cytogenetics, genetic and genomics counselling, member of reputed international genetics societies ; involved in medical genetics research,; dedicated volunteer of international genetic disorders patient’s organizations; strongly supports an ethical medical practice ;  passionate advocator of

Ann Chivers

ASUK is a patient led, resourceful and dynamic charity providing information, support and advice for children and adults with Alström Syndrome, their families and loved ones and the professionals who work with them. We are a small and dynamic charity, hugely ambitious to make a difference to the lives of people with this ultra-rare condition.

Catherine Stratton, MPH

My name is Catherine Stratton, and I am a Member of the Board of Directors of the Moyamoya Foundation. My motivation for joining the Moyamoya Foundation is to help serve this community and particularly represent Moyamoya patients through my membership. Outside the Foundation, I am currently working as a cardiology clinical researcher in the area